Our objective is to enable our
investors to build a diversified
portfolio of winning


A social commerce platform providing a solution for entrepreneurs, social influencers and marketers to sell customized products through social media and ride the exponentially growing social commerce scene


Plum is the first AI powered Facebook savings butler helping millennials save effortlessly without noticing or needing to take any action.


Drone imagery & predictive algorithms allow targeted use of agro-chemicals to achieve better, more cost efficient, and higher yield farming outputs


Mayku are on a mission to give people the power of making. They're building a family of mini-machines that let you start a production line from your tabletop - as simply as baking a cake.


The cloud-based energy management system for commercial buildings


A web platform that provides the glue between hotels, their guests, and local businesses through intelligent data powered recommendations


A cloud-first information security and data governance software provider using AI to solve the problem of Access Control


B2B data-enabled, white-label SaaS plug-and-play technology platform that digitizes sales & distribution verticals of the insurance value chain for emerging market segments


Class4Kids is a rapidly growing SaaS platform enabling children's activity providers to manage their business and parents to book and pay for classes online.


An on-demand online music tutoring platform with easy affordable lessons from professional musicians

Edit Suits

A modern online men’s suit and shirt tailor, specializing in custom tailored made to measure suits and shirts


A mobile application which teaches languages through the engaging and memorable power of music


An innovative and disruptive German electricity and gas supplier providing customers with one transparent, fair price, a completely digital experience at the lowest cost base in the industry, and 4% interest on customer credits

Usio Energy

A new and disruptive UK energy supplier that uses an in-house developed AI platform to deliver savings to UK energy customer by closely matching their energy lifestyles and leveraging new regulations that no other major supplier is yet adopting

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