Investment Approach

We believe that start-ups have
the greatest potential to create
and harness innovation,
disrupt markets and create
value for investors.

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy focuses on SEIS & EIS-qualifying companies, primarily in the UK.

The Veridian partners work to identify businesses that address large and growing markets and where the business can demonstrate a clear competitive advantage.

We look for businesses that meet the following criteria:

Outstanding team with the skill-sets needed to succeed
Large and growing addressable market
Clear and sustainable competitive advantage
Compelling indications of scalability
Concrete evidence of traction
High potential profitability
Investment Guidelines

We operate under the following Investment guidelines:

Investment Type

Prefer equity investments but will consider equity-like instruments as long as they are structured advantageously for our investors.

Size of Investment

Investments generally range from £50K to £200k per deal, but we never fund more than 65% of any given round.

Sector Focus

Agnostic, we pursue the best scalable opportunities with strong value growth potential across all sectors – using the collective expertise of our partners and network to evaluate opportunities.

Investment Stage

Whilst we are open to investing in all stages of development, we prefer to invest in early-stage businesses where our knowledge and network can add the greatest value.

Investment Horizon

A minimum holding period of 3 years to meet EIS requirements. Given the early-stage of the businesses the expected average holding period is ~5 years.

Target Returns

Aim for a cash on cash multiple of >4x within 5 years, for an IRR >30%.

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