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What We Do

We are passionate about start-ups and admire the ambition, drive and innovation of entrepreneurs to create extraordinary outcomes.

We understand that securing capital is just the starting point for how we can assist start-ups in achieving their ambition. Accordingly, in addition to providing funding, our team also draws from a wealth of operational experience, sector expertise, network connections and investment capability to help them realise their potential.

We help finance selected early stage businesses through our syndicate members. In addition, we bring a broad range of experience and operational expertise to early-stage companies.

Through ourselves or our network we can assist our portfolio companies with:

Funding and Investment
Growth Strategy
Partnership Development and Exit
Legal, HR and Operational support
Board Advisory
Coaching and Mentoring
How We Work






Look for exceptional teams who have a compelling vision and a realistic plan to deliver transformative growth and scale.


Invest the time to understand the business and identify the key opportunities and issues that need to be addressed to achieve success.


Raise funds through our extensive investor network and source capital for the best opportunities.


Endeavour to help the companies we invest in to be successful through supporting and challenging the founding team and leveraging our experience and expertise.

Investment Process

Our investment evaluation process is iterative and thorough allowing both Veridian and start-ups to gain additional insight through the process.


Evaluation, due diligence and decision to invest


Distribution to syndicate members and completion

Preliminary assessment

Start-up pitch reviewed by Veridian and a Go/No-Go decision is made.

Commercial terms and data collection

Commercial terms agreed, the start-up completes our due-diligence questionnaire (DDQ), and a partner is assigned as lead.

Detailed due diligence

In-depth analysis of documents and iterative rounds of Q&A including face-to-face interviews with the founders.

Investment decision

Agreement of investment terms, decision to invest and circulation to our syndicate members.

Introduction to members

Start-up introduced to Veridian’s syndicate along with partner documentation.

Discussion with members

Q&A with members and additional data from Start-up as needed. Investment decisions and amounts finalized and communicated to the Start-up.


Financial closing & shares issued to investors.

Start-up Testimonials

“Veridian invested in Moteefe in early 2017 after a thorough round of due diligence to ensure they really understand our business and its growth potential. Ever since it has been a pleasure to work with the team. They have actively opened new commercial opportunities for Moteefe and are always available to discuss, and help solve, some of the growth-related challenges I face as a founder on a mission to grow and scale the business.”

Mathijs Eefting, Founder & CEO, Moteefe

“We are very grateful having the Veridian syndicate as part of our investor group. From a founder’s perspective it was a real pleasure to engage with the Veridian team because their investment approach was both thorough as well as efficient. From Day 1 they had a clear lead on their due diligence efforts, were transparent about their focus areas and processed all our information efficiently. I also felt they had a good understanding of what to expect from the type of ventures they were looking at. Since the investment, I have been deeply impressed by their pro-active support in terms of potential strategic partners, additional investors and even potential talent – all this with the right amount of distance to enable USIO to make its own decisions.”

Vincent Tuk, Founder, USIO energy

"It was a pleasure to work with Marwan and the team during the funding process. Their critical due dillignce helped us very much to think more deeply about our future plans and our business, which was very beneficial to us."

Victor Trokoudes, Founder & CEO, Plum

“Veridian joined as an investor for our second seed round at the end of 2017. All of our interactions both before and after the raise were very professional; they were careful in their due diligence but also quick to process information and to get to a decision. As a founder I appreciated their challenges and investigative questioning, and ultimately this helped us be more prepared in our discussions with other investors. Having spent time talking to many investors and potential investors over the course of 2017, Veridian were one of the best in terms of the ratio of effort to benefit for the business.”

Andrew Mack, Founder, 4hundred GmbH

“The team at Veridian took a refreshing approach when looking to invest in C4K. From the first coffee shop chat to the due diligence, the whole process was very professional and detailed. Further more Veridian also recommended a potential client to us who have now signed up. Their wealthof knowledge as i go through the next stage will be crucial for me and I know they will always be willing to help where possible.”

Nikki Th’ng, Founder & CEO, Class4Kids

Looking for Investment?

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